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Happy Chinese New Year

February 12, 2021 marks the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year of the OX.  Since ancient times, the ox/water buffalo (in China they are considered the same animal category) has represented a trustworthy, hardworking, agrarian stalwart.  An early example of the important position of the ox in traditional society is the use of its […]

The Only CAPP Specializing in Asian Art in Canada

For Immediate Release East Gwillimbury, ON, June 4th, 2020 With great excitement it is a pleasure to announce that Susan Lahey, MA, has achieved the highest level of certification appraising personal property as a CAPP with the International Society of Appraisers.  She is the only specialist in Asian Art in Canada with this designation.  “Susan […]

Susan Lahey Appointed to the Ontario Arts Council Board of Directors

Susan Lahey of Mount Albert, Ontario, was appointed to the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) board of directors in April 2019.   Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Susan holds degrees from the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia, as well as a post-graduate diploma in Asian art from Sotheby’s School of Oriental and African […]

Questions to Ask When Hiring An Appraiser

What qualifies you to appraise this object? Appraising personal property is an unregulated profession which leaves the consumer with the burden of determining whether the appraiser they engage is qualified. A qualified appraiser is knowledgeable about the object being appraised and trained in appraisal theory, the principals of valuation, ethics and law. It is advisable […]

What’s the Big Deal About Ai Weiwei?

What’s the Big Deal About Ai Weiwei?  Toronto has been invaded by the art work of Ai Weiwei.  This past summer and fall, his bronze sculptural installation at Nathan Philips Square of Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads (a reinterpretation of the originals looted from the Old Summer Palace in Beijing in 1860), and the exhibition “According […]

The Dragon Awakes: Sensational Auction Results for Imperial Chinese Porcelain, Jades and Paintings

The Dragon Awakes: Sensational Auction Results for Imperial Chinese Porcelain, Jades and Paintings The dragon is in fact more than just awake, it is already breathing fire and has rocketed to the sky. China’s recent staggering economic growth and prowess is well-served by the symbolic dragon, as is the phenomenon of the stellar (described by […]

Inaugural Asian Art Auction: Walker’s Auctions

October 27, 2011 This date marked the inaugural auction of Asian art at Walker’s Fine Art and Estate Auctioneers in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. With almost 200 lot offerings covering a wide range of decorative and fine Asian art, attendees were treated to an exciting evening. Preceeded by previews in both Toronto and Ottawa, clients had […]

Being An Asian Art Appraiser: Issues and Anecdotes

Being An Asian Art Appraiser: Issues and Anecdotes Lemur monkeys and Asian art. What is the connection? Being an appraiser of Asian art means encountering the unexpected. And my “monkey experience” represents the sort of adventure which would make the appraisal profession and auction world rich material for a reality TV show. The appraisal process […]

Japanese and Chinese Ceramics in the Gardiner Museum

Toronto, Canada is home to the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, one of a handful of North American museums devoted exclusively to the art of ceramics. While renowned for its comprehensive collection of Ancient American ceramics, Italian maiolica, English delft and slipware, as well as its 18th century European porcelain, it is the most recent […]